Study Skills & Character Development (13yo – 16yo)

Most of the students are overloaded with information and do not know how to manage information. Therefore, our Mind Map® programme provides an opportunity for students to learn and think more creatively, and experience learning in a way that expands their mental capabilities. It gives you control over all information relating to the subject that are studying. Most importantly, it provides you with a “big picture” as well as the details, allowing you to remember, understand and review in a comprehensive way.

Character Development is the first step in creating what they want and mastering their lives. Character Development plays a large role in education because it helps students become focused on what they need to learn. When they are able to see themselves objectively, they can learn how to accept themselves and find ways to improve themselves in the future.

How will my child benefit?

After attending the programme, your child will be able to:

1.  Explain their successes and their failures while giving them a clear understanding of who they are

2. Learn how to receive feedback and reflection as they move through the different stages of their lives

3. Develop the skills and eventually put into action for their study skills

4. Take charge of their memories and dramatically improve their powers of recall