Primary Mathematics Tuition – Critical Thinking for Mathematics Programme (Group lesson – Max 6 students per session)

Questions in maths often acquire the skills to perceive, analyse, synthesize, manipulate, and transform. Some questions cannot be performed automatically that requires the ability to engage in one or more steps to reach a solution to a problem. It involves logic and reasoning skills and other functional cognitive abilities for mental operation. Students who cannot solve the questions by identifying a pictorial or visual pattern that requires to manipulate and perceive mentally will often get it wrong.

However, some students have problem focusing in class, so information that should held in the mind will be replaced by distraction. This will cause poor results in mental maths or other topics while learning in class.

Students will learn important concepts that are involved in each chapter. By exposing the students with a pool of carefully selected questions. It ensures that the student will be well prepared for the examination.

How will my child benefit?

After attending the programme, your child will be able to:

  • Remember Maths concepts accurately
  • Improve in solving mathematical problems accurately
  • Avoid losing marks from common questions
  • A higher-order of analytical skills in problem sums
  • Improvement in Maths fluency and examination scores
  • Regain interest and confidence in Maths

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