• Primary 4 Mathematics Perfect Problem-Solving Guide

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    Primary 4 Mathematics: Perfect Problem-Solving Guide is written based on the latest MOE Mathematics syllabus with easy to follow step-by-step guidance practices and ample revision questions to deepen understanding of every concept. This book specifically helps students to hone up problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills.


    Every chapter in this book contains:

    • A guideline of the concept with clear explanations
    • A worked example of the concept with step-by-step guidance
    • Structured tutorial of the concept for basic application
    • Further examinable tutorial questions designed with varying levels of difficulty
    • Precise solutions are provided for all questions to optimise the learning of every student
  • Primary 4 English Master Your Paper 3 and Paper 4 (Listening & Oral)

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    This is a comprehensive guide to listening comprehension and oral communication tested in Paper 3 and Paper 4 of the school examinations.


    It is closely aligned with the latest primary assessment objectives issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore and covers all the components of Listening Comprehension and Oral Communication.


    It includes:

    • Notes on important skills and knowledge
    • Common mistakes in reading and answering oral questions
    • Warm-up exercises for immediate application of skills learnt
    • Eight full Mock Paper 3 and Paper 4 exams
    • Complete listening scripts and answers, including suggested oral responses
    • Online audio files of all texts of the listening scripts


    The book is suitable for use in class and self-revision at home.

  • Practice for Primary Science Checkpoint 4

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    Having a good understanding of scientific concepts is one thing. Being able to apply the concepts correctly is another. The books in the Practice for Primary Science Checkpoint series will provide you with ample practice in applying your knowledge and skills to answer exam-style questions.


    Practice for Primary Science Checkpoint is based on the learning outcomes of the latest Cambridge Primary Science curriculum framework.


    Each chapter contains:

    • Topical revision notes
    • Concept maps for consolidation
    • Worked examples with detailed explanations
    • Test papers for exam practice
  • Primary 4 English Model Compositions and Phrases

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    Primary 4 English Model Compositions and Phrases is a comprehensive guide designed to help students excel in their composition writing skills. With the latest Primary English syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, this book aims to provide a complete and practical solution for students to improve their writing abilities.


    The book contains 10 model compositions with different themes and styles, ranging from narrative to descriptive writing. Each composition is written with a clear and concise structure, showcasing a variety of effective sentence structures and phrases. Additionally, the book provides an extensive vocabulary list and exercises to help students enrich their writing and develop their critical thinking skills.


    By practicing the model compositions, students will gain a better understanding of the writing process, from brainstorming ideas to organising their thoughts and expressing them clearly in their compositions. They will also learn how to use a wide range of vocabulary and expressions to convey their message effectively, making their writing more engaging and interesting.


    The book is a valuable resource for students who want to excel in their composition writing. It provides a platform for students to enhance their writing skills and apply them to their school assessments. By mastering the techniques and skills provided in the book, students will be able to confidently tackle any writing task given to them.


    In conclusion, Primary 4 English Model Compositions and Phrases is an essential tool for students who want to improve their composition writing skills. With its comprehensive guide and practical approach, students will be able to develop their writing skills, build their vocabulary and improve their grades in English. It is a must-have for any Primary 4 student who wants to excel in their composition writing.

  • Science Olympiad for Higher-Ability Advanced Learners Challenging Guide and Practice Book for Primary 3 & 4

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    This book features a wide range of Science Olympiad questions that require higher-order thinking skills to understand and solve. The first section introduces worked examples from each branch of Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These examples offer a glimpse into the presentation and difficulty of the questions throughout the book.

    The second section comprises ten Science Olympiad tests with 25 questions in each test. Each question falls into one of three categories–General Knowledge, Inferential and Data Analysis. General knowledge questions quiz students regarding the fundamental concepts of Science.

    Inferential questions present background information regarding an advanced concept, and students need to infer the answers based on the given information. Data analysis questions are characterised by data – in the form of numbers, graphs and formulae – which students require to make sense of to arrive at the answers.

    Full worked solutions with explanations can be found at the end of the book.

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