The A-Star Difference Primary 2 English Vocabulary

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Are you looking for a comprehensive and effective way to improve your child’s vocabulary skills? Look no further than The A-Star Difference Primary 2 English Vocabulary book!


With over 800 items of vocabulary used in everyday life, this book is perfect for primary 2 students who want to build their knowledge and master new words. The book is divided into three sections, each with its own set of exercises designed to enhance students’ vocabulary skills.


In section A, students will work on multiple-choice questions that emphasize the parts of speech and help them learn and remember word collocations and specific nuances of meaning. Pictorial clues are provided wherever necessary to help students better understand the concepts.


Section B is a selection of words that are commonly used in various settings, helping students to remember word usage. These exercises are not meant to mislead, but to guide, ensuring that each option is only used once and mistakes are kept to a minimum.


In section C, students will focus on story-based exercises, with an emphasis on contextual clues that help them learn everyday vocabulary in language. By engaging in these exercises, students will be able to expand their knowledge and improve their command of the English language.


Whether your child needs to improve their vocabulary for school or simply wants to build their knowledge of English, The A-Star Difference Primary 2 English Vocabulary book is the perfect tool for the job. Don’t miss out on this incredible resource!

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The A-Star Difference Primary 2 English Vocabulary